Friday, February 27, 2009

Beginning of an Adventure

This summer I will be volunteering in San Pedro, Paraguay for 6 weeks (July 1st through August 12th) through a non-profit called Amigos de las Americas. I am EXTREMELY excited to have this opportunity to fully immerse myself in another language and way of life. I will live with a host family and work in the San Pedro community on projects involving fuel-effiicient stoves, reforestation, and nutrition education. I am eager to directly work with the San Pedro community and learn how non-profits and non-governmental organizaions (NGOs) function on an international level (in the future I hope to work with non-profits and NGOs on a long-term basis).

I am responsible for raising $4400 to fund my trip to Paraguay. I am dedicated to this goal and am making in my priority from now until my departure in late June. I will update my blog often so definitely check back in, and please consider helping me achieve my goal! Every little (or big) bit helps!

Today I had my phone interview and was officially accepted into the program. I'm really going! I can't wait...