Friday, April 24, 2009

Life is GOOD

I am having one of the best weeks I think I have ever had. First of all, I counted up the fundraising efforts again (not included some of the online donations - if you donated online PLEASE let me know) and the result is amazing. Through the kindness of family and friends I have raised $1881! WOW! That is incredible to me, especially as everyone is struggling with the economic downturn. The generocity is astounding, and I can't thank you enough.

Other amazing news, I am received an Advanced Study Grant from Boston College! I went through a very intense process to apply for the grant, and since I have received it will hopefully be granted approximately $2000 to apply towards my AMIGOS trip as well. With the ASG grant, in conjuction with the Jacques Salmanowitz grant I received from the Boston College Film Studies department (for $1000). I will use the grant money to help finance this trip (along with donations), and while in Paraguay make a short documentary about different forms of development aid, in particular the success of the Oxfam Model. The only things I have to wait on are finding out how much money I get from the University Fellowships Committee, and whether the San Pedro community will actually let me film a documentary.

Wonderful things that made this week the best ever:

Winning an ASG grant, winning the JESUIT OLYMPICS (competition between 10 teams of 5 students and one Jesuit), performing at the Boston College Arts Festival 2009 with the BC Swing Kids (one performance down, one to go), and it's spring. Life is good.


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